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Etalica Silk Mills | Fashion Blog | Women Kurtis and Dresses

How to Buy Kurtis Online: A Guide to Perfect Your Shopping Experience

by Etalica Silk Mills 18 May 2023 0 Comments

Shopping for kurtis online offers a convenient and exciting way to update your wardrobe. With Etalica Silk Mills, a renowned brand in the world of ethnic fashion, you can explore an exquisite collection of kurtis at your fingertips.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of purchasing kurtis online, covering essential aspects such as fabric, colors and prints, sleeve styles, neckline variations, embellishments and embroidery, experimenting with lengths, and styling tips and accessories.

Fabric: The Foundation of Style and Comfort

When you buy kurtis online, paying attention to the fabric is paramount. From luxurious silk to breathable cotton and lightweight georgette, the fabric choices are diverse. Consider the weather, occasion, and personal preference to make an informed decision.

Light Cyan Color Mal Cotton Ethnic Print Shirt Style Long Kurti With Bottom

Opt for soft and breathable fabrics like pure cotton for everyday wear, while reserving silk for special occasions when you desire an elegant and sophisticated look.

Colors and Prints: Expressing Your Individuality

One of the advantages of buying kurtis online is the extensive range of colors and prints available. Consider the following aspects:

From vibrant and bold hues to subtle pastels, the color options are vast. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and personal style. When it comes to prints, you can explore floral print kurtis, geometric designs, abstract motifs, or even intricate traditional prints. The right color and print combination can truly express your individuality.

Grey Color Muslin Foil Floral Print Straight Cut Kurti

Sleeve Styles: Striking the Perfect Balance

Sleeve styles can transform the overall look and feel of a kurti. For a classic and timeless appeal, opt for full sleeves that exude elegance and grace. Three-quarter sleeves kurtis strike a balance between coverage and comfort, making them a versatile choice for both formal and casual occasions.

Whether you prefer full sleeves for a modest and traditional look, sleeveless for a contemporary and airy feel, or bell sleeves for a bohemian touch, the sleeve style can enhance your outfit and reflect your personal style. Consider the occasion, weather, and your comfort level when choosing the sleeve style.

Pretty Yellow Color Sentosa Modal Print Angarkha Style Designer Kurti With Floral Print Bottom

Neckline Variations: Flatter Your Features

The neckline of a kurti plays a pivotal role in enhancing your facial features. Consider the following options before you buy kurtis online:

Choose from V-neckline kurtis for a classic and elongating effect, ideal for showcasing your favorite necklace or statement earrings. Boat necklines lend a modern touch, drawing attention to the collarbones and exuding an aura of sophistication. The mandarin collar, synonymous with timeless elegance, adds a regal touch to your ensemble, perfect for special occasions.

Blue Color Modal Foil Nature Print Three Quarter Sleeves Kurti

Embellishments and Embroidery: Adding a Touch of Luxury

Embellishments and embroidery can elevate the overall aesthetic of a kurti. Consider the following options:

From delicate sequins and beads to intricate thread work and mirror embellishments, these details add a touch of glamour and visual interest to the kurti with embroidery. Choose embellishments that align with your personal style and the occasion you're dressing for. Embroidery, whether subtle or intricate, showcases the craftsmanship and adds a unique charm to the kurti.

Majestic Mustard Color Modal Ethnic Foil Butta Print Round V Neck Kurti

Experimenting with Lengths: Embrace Versatility

Experimenting with different lengths allows you to create versatile and flattering looks. Find what flatters your body type and suits the occasion.

For a youthful and playful vibe, opt for short kurtis that can be paired with jeans or leggings. Knee-length kurtis offer practicality and flexibility, serving as a wardrobe staple for various occasions. To make a regal statement, embrace the grace of floor-length kurtis that evoke a sense of grandeur and majesty, perfect for formal events and celebrations.

Beautiful Olive Color Modal Foil Abstract Print Full Sleeves Co Ords With Designer Reversible Jacket

Styling Tips and Accessories: Completing the Ensemble

To truly make your kurti ensemble shine, consider the following styling tips and accessories:

  • Statement Jewellery:

Enhance your look with bold and eye-catching necklaces, earrings, or bangles that complement the colors and embellishments of your kurti.

  • Footwear Choices:

Complete your outfit with the right pair of shoes, whether it's elegant heels, comfortable flats, or traditional juttis, to achieve a harmonious and polished look.

  • Scarves and Stoles:

Add an extra layer of style and elegance by draping a colorful scarf or stole that complements the colors or prints of your kurti.


Buying kurtis online can be an exciting and convenient experience, offering a plethora of options in terms of fabric, colors, prints, sleeve styles, neckline variations, embellishments, lengths, and styling tips. By considering these factors and exploring different options, you can find the perfect kurti that reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident and stylish. Embrace the convenience of online shopping and let Etalica Silk Mills be your guide to kurti perfection.
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